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My First Love: Past, Present and Future

How vibrant that fall was
How pale the leaves were
That girl, how gorgeous she was
Crumbling leaves, how noisy they were

Piercing curtain of leaves she walked
Her hair flowing, gushing wind stalked
A hair flew away from her divinity
On the floor of my car it stopped
All fallen leaves in my car
Looking at them with door ajar
Fall is gone; winter is here
Cleaning the car is on my radar

Loud noise of vacuum; no leaves on the floor
I lifted the brown mat to clean some more
Vacuum touched the corner; making me nostalgic
Her brown hair vanished with a roar

Now I miss her and her hair
I’ll be there, I saw her where
No smile, no talk, no name I know
Yet she was my first love I swear!
My First Love: Past, Present and Future My First Love: Past, Present and Future Reviewed by Mihir on 5:05:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. I love this....and I really enjoyed my first Bushido Dinner!

    I enjoyed meeting you, Mihir.


  2. Thank you Joy. I also enjoyed sharing a Bushido dinner with you.